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Welcome to the website of professional artist Alena Zena, where each individual piece is the only one of its kind you will find in the world. Each item has been created with a one of a kind design.

Please enjoy browsing Alena’s selection of handmade Jewelry pieces, leather belts, handmade leather purses, uniquely designed leather wrapped pendants, and distinctive handmade leather vests. You will find that each piece is unmatched. This is inherent in both the precious materials used, as well as Alena’s unique designs.

Alena’s collection of gold and silver jewelry features an array of rare and beautiful genuine gemstones and minerals from around the globe. Ammonite fossil jewelry, which features genuine ammonite fossils, has been connected with good health and prosperity for centuries. Druzy quartz, which is featured in Alena’s druzy jewelry, is a precious mineral that formed within geodes in ancient rocks and lava, giving it a certain mystique. Romantic and warm Amber jewelry makes a perfect gift for any woman, and is intriguing because amber is a living gemstone, not a mineral.

Simbircite -  is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, has been crafted into unique and beautiful one of a kind jewelry designs. You will also find simbircite cabochons and ammonite cabochons, which have been artfully shaped and polished to bring out the natural lines and colors of the rock.

Peruvian opal jewelry shines brightly with its natural blue hue, while Australian opal jewelry, which comes in an amazing variety of colors, truly appears to glow from within. Brazilian agate, one of the finest gem grade agates in the world, has been combined with sterling silver and gold to make one of a kind Brazilian agate jewelry.

Uniquely carved cameo pendant designs have been combined with genuine birthstones, such as amethyst, diamond, peridot, garnet and topaz, and genuine pearls, to make gorgeously shaped, artful designs. Classic turquoise, along with bright green Carico Lake turquoise, has been crafted into stunning turquoise jewelry.

A unique favorite is a lilac stone called charoite, which is quite rare and comes from only one location in the world: Siberia, Russia. Other rare beauties include handcrafted eudialyte jewelry in an array of amazing natural colors, including red and magenta.

Thank you for visiting, and please take your time browsing Alena’s selection of unique, one of a kind pieces. Each item is the only piece of its kind in the world!

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